December 11, 2018
Our Mission Statement:
To serve the needs of our church and community.
To embrace the spirit, mind, teachings, and principles of Christ in our endeavor to promote Christian Education.  
To minister to needs and promote spiritual growth for the women of our church, our community, and the sick and shut-in.
To dedicate our talents and give of our time, influence, and means to teaching and spreding Christian Education at home and abroad.
To support Home Missions and Foreign Missions.
To be Christ-like in our work in order to become voices of change for God.
Goals and Objectives:
Enlist women to serve in the Body of Christ.
Promote a ministry of caring and sharing.
Expand awareness of Home and Foreign Missions.
Promote spiritual growth and personal development.
The Senior Mission meets each second Friday of the month, 12 noon, at the church.
Contact Information:
Sister Catherine Coleman, President 
(812) 424-7368